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Personal Accident Cover

Standard members* - 24 hours cover extension For just £5.29 a year

(Enhanced members** personal accident cover)

Standard members of Equity automatically receive personal accident cover with the benefits listed below if you suffer an accident going to, from or during an Equity related occupation.

For a cost of £5.29 a year, members can extend this cover to include accidents that occur at any time.

To qualify for cover you must have written evidence of employment within the entertainment industry in the last 8 weeks or written evidence of a future contract within the next 8 weeks. Claims for temporary disability will only be paid in the same circumstances as the above. For full details of the policy cover please refer to the policy wording and summary .

*Standard member - A member of Equity who is in benefit in accordance with the rules of Equity who is not a student member, who is a permanent resident of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands or any overseas artist visiting the United Kingdom to whom Equity has granted membership of Equity.

**Enhanced member - an Enhanced member is defined as follows; A standard member other than a stunt performer who has registered for 24 hour cover and paid the £5.29 additional premium.

Standard members - cover benefits

  • 20,000
  • 20,000
  • 20,000
  • 20,000
  • 150 payable for up to 52 weeks excluding the first 2 weeks;
  • 5,000
  • 6,625
  • 50
  • 50
  • 20,000
  • 10,000
  • 500
  • 500
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Initial Questions - Enhanced members Personal Accident cover

General pre-contract disclosure

When applying for this insurance you will be asked a number of questions to determine your demands, needs, eligibility and suitability of the insurances offered. You will not receive any advice or recommendations during the purchase process. The covers offered are only available via this website to qualifying members of Equity who have access to e mail and acceptable payment card. Hiscox Underwriting Ltd are to sole insurer of all the available products. Once the purchase is complete, you will be sent by e mail a confirmation of payment, Policy ,Schedule and our Terms of Business. Details of all the covers provided as well as the covers automatically provided by Equity with your subscription will have been sent to you by Equity. A paper copy of the documents is available on request. Hencilla Canworth GI Ltd receives a commission from the insurer for arranging these covers. In sourcing and placing your policy, collecting premiums and settling the Accident and Backstage claims we act as the agent of Hiscox Underwriting Ltd.

Full details of our Terms of Business can be found here link

Statement of demands and needs

The Enhanced members personal accident cover meets the demands and needs of standard Equity members (excluding stunt performers), aged over 18 and under 75 years who wish to extend their standard members personal accident benefits from occupational only (including commuting) to any time and require financial benefits following an insured accident subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.

The Personal Accident – Additional cover provides the opportunity to purchase higher levels of cover in the event of an insured accident.

The Dancers and physical artist cover meets the demands and needs of qualifying members that require cover against the cost of a MRI scan and associated expenses up to £1,000 in the event on an accident at work

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Requirements fullfilled


You have confirmed that you are eligible for the Personal Accident - 24 hour cover extension insurance.

This is offered at a flat fee of just...£5.29 a year

Optional covers

By qualifying for this 24 hour extension insurance, you are also eligible to apply for the following covers:

Personal Accident - Additional Cover From £15 a year Note: the system automatically generates the maximum cover permitted. Click on "reduce this cover level" to get lower values and premiums.

What does Personal Accident Additional Cover provide?

Dancers and physical artists accident insurance for only £12.88.

What does Dancers and physical artists accident insurance provide?

Optional covers

Personal Accident - Additional Cover - Quote

Personal Accident - Additional Cover can only be bought with Personal Accident 24 hour cover extention insurance.
Your quote for Personal Accident - Additional Cover will include the cost of the Personal Accident 24 hour cover extention insurance.

Statement of demands and needs

Personal accident - additional accident cover is suitable for standard Equity members (excluding stunt performers) aged over 18 and under 75 years who wish to add additional accident benefits to their standard members/enhanced members personal accident cover.

This policy will pay insured benefits should you be unable to undertake your specified occupation(s) following an insured accident.

cover summary policy wording

To get a quote please enter the following information

  • Click the ? below to see the definition for non hazardous and hazardous occupations
    Member note: Please select ALL of the activities that form part of your occupation or, if teaching, subjects taught. The annual premium will be calculated on your highest rated activity.
  • £
    Member note: We can only offer this insurance to members that earn above £10,400 a year from Equity related work. Please enter an amount higher than £10,400.
Your cover levels

The system has calculated the maximum insured value and premium based on your income and occupation(s) above, alternatively you can reduce these to the amounts you require and get a lower premium.

The maximum cover you can take is shown below

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  • Loss of life
  • Loss of one or both eyes
  • Loss of one or more limbs
  • Permanent total disablement
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  • £
  • Temporary total disablement payable per week for a maximum 52 weeks exlcuding the first two weeks
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  • £